BTN MASS GAINER For Muscle Gain and Endurance 100% Vegetarian 12 servings


BTN MASS GAINER For Muscle Gain and Endurance 100% Vegetarian 12 servings

BTN MASS GAINER For Muscle Gain and Endurance 100% Vegetarian 12 servings

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Rs.3,600.00 Rs.2,798.00

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BTN MASS GAINER  For Muscle Gain and Endurance 100% Vegetarian 12 servings

  • 30 NUTRIENTS – ONE GOAL – MUSCLE GAIN: Each serving of BTN MASS GAINER provides with 1263Kcal energy along with the health benefits of 30 vital nutrients. The ingredients present in the BTN MASS GAINER increase the lean muscle mass without causing sudden sugar spikes.
  • ANTI-CATABOLISM AND ENERGY PRODUCTION: As a blend of anabolic protein sources, this supplement ensures healthy muscle growth. Nutrients like creatine, glutamine and choline are associated stable energy production along with cell-volumizing and protein metabolism.
  • PROMPT FAT LOSS: Creatine and Choline promote fat loss by signalling the cells to utilize fat for energy production. Each serving of BTN MASS GAINER is fortified with nutrients that are responsible for fat-free muscle mass.
  • IDEAL FOR STRENGTH TRAINING: Ingredients present in BTN MASS GAINER boosts the body’s endurance, which is one of the key essentials for prolonged strength training sessions. This supplement is suitable for beginners and professionals.
  • GUARANTEED PURITY AND EFFECTIVENESS: BTN MASS GAINER is manufactured in a GMP and HACCP certified facility with hypoallergenic and 100% vegetarian ingredients. It is free of harmful additives. THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS NO DOPING INGREDIENTS AS PER WADA/NADA LIST
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